Introduction of Facilities

The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai, is situated on the opposite side of Kansai International Airport, and enjoys a view encompassing a broad expanse of sea, land and sky. Across Osaka Bay, we can see the Airport and Awaji Island in front of us, and off to the right we can have an extensive view of the Osaka waterfront, Kobe and the Rokko Mountains.

Corresponding to these surroundings, the Institute is designed to have a three-dimensional composition, with an 18-story dormitory building rising vertically and classroom buildings stretching horizontally, which emphasizes the open atmosphere of this region.

As our primary focus is on Japanese-language training programs for specialists, we give importance to making the facilities prepared for various purposes, such as introducing audiovisual equipments, setting up self-study hall with computer facilities, providing a library with a wide-range collection about Japan, and so on. Also, we are taking as much care as possible so that the participants can be refreshed and continue to study during their long stay in the Institute.