Building Facilities

The Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai consists of an administrative building, training buildings, and a dormitory.
The dormitory provides lodging for participants. More than 500 participants stay in the facility every year.

Facility Map

Reception Picture


The reception desk is open until 10 pm, welcoming all of the participants cordially.

Traditional Japanese-Style Room Picture

Traditional Japanese-Style Room

In this tatami-mat room, participants have an opportunity to experience Japanese culture by participating in tea ceremony and trying on a kimono.

LL Classroom Picture

LL Classroom

This room is equipped with computers and audiovisual teaching aids that can be used for language classes.
Participants can practice typing in Japanese, and take advantage of on-line self-study materials.

Library Picture


Reference books to help participants learn Japanese language during their stay and materials which introduce Japanese culture and society are mainly collected and provided.
The library is available for the general public.

Detail library

Accommodations Picture


Participants are provided with a single room during their stay at the institute.
Rooms are equipped with various furnishings to ensure that participants can conduct their daily studies in comfort, including a desk, closet, TV, CD player, refrigerator, prefabricated bath, telephone, etc. Participants can also take advantage of the LAN connection in thedormitory.

Detail Accommodations

Hall Picture


With a capacity of 150 people, the hall can accommodate orientations, seminars that make use of audiovisual media, achievement presentations, completion ceremonies, cultural experience programs, and so on.
Moreover, after classes are finished, the hall can be used for badminton and table-tennis games to encourage greater interaction between participants.

Kitchen Picture


Participants who yearn for their native cuisine during their stay can use the kitchen to prepare their own meals.
This is also the perfect place for participants to introduce each other to the culinary pleasures of their own country.

Training Room Picture

Training Room

This training room can be used freely by participants.

Lounge Picture


Each even-numbered floor in the dormitory houses a lounge with a vaulted ceiling, providing a place for participants to interact.
A view of Marble Beach, said to be one of the Best 100 Sunsets in Japan, is also visible from the windows of the lounges.

Self-Study Rooms Picture

Self-Study Rooms

Participants are provided with a self-study room containing Internet-enabled computers and study materials. In addition to preparing for and reviewing lessons, participants can use the rooms to send email and browse the Internet.

Laundry Room Picture

Laundry Room

The laundry room, equipped with washers, dryers, and irons, allows participants to wash their clothes as necessary. Even during long-term training programs, participants can rest assured knowing that this service is available.

Cafeteria Picture


The glass-walled cafeteria looks out over Kansai International Airport, built on an island in the sea, and can be used by anyone (reservation required).

Detail Cafeteria