To Japanese-Language teachers

Q1.What training programs are available for Japanese-language teachers living outside Japan?

The Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai mainly provides training programs for Japanese-language learners. Training programs for Japanese-language teachers are offered by the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa. For details, please contact our Urawa office:

The Japan Foundation website link [Japanese-Language Education Overseas-Training Programs] link
The Japanese Language Institute, Urawa website link link

Q2. Is it possible to commission the Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai to provide Japanese-language training?

Yes, we provide Japanese-language training to public organizations, universities, and other groups according to the client's needs based on such factors as the number of participants, date, duration, and budget. If you would like to find out more, please email us.

Q3. I want to teach Japanese. Do you provide job placement information?

The Japan Foundation does not offer a job placement service, but we periodically accepts applications from Japanese-language experts for our overseas dispatch program. For details, please see the Japan Foundation website.
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