New Level "Elementary 1 (A2)"Joins the Crew on the Japanese Language Study Support Site "MARUGOTO Plus"!



The Japan Foundation developed the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education, to the idea of   “Japanese for Mutual Understanding”. Then, using the standard as a base, they developed the Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture textbook. Please check this website ( for more information about the textbook.


MARUGOTO Plus, where users can learn about Japanese language and culture, is a support site that uses the Marugoto textbook as a base. You can use videos and others to study and review Japanese in a fun manner as well as learn more detail about the themes introduced in the classroom. It is possible for learners to use the textbook in the classroom with a teacher and classmates, and use the website at their own pace for reviewing and practicing in the home. It’s a type of learning that didn’t exist, even if you thought it did.


A new section of the MARUGOTO Plus site, Elementary 1 (A2) Level has opened!
As introduced below, the contents of the site are substantial, so please check them out.


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○Challenge Drama
You become the main character and while you do things such as work at a Japanese company and do activities with an international exchange group, you can have a simulated experience of interacting with Japanese people and people from around the world in Japanese. Check if you can accomplish "Can-do" by interacting with the characters from the "Challenge Drama." When given the signal in the video, it's your turn to speak in Japanese.




○Life and Culture
You are able to know about the lives, culture, and ways of thinking of Japanese people as well as people from all over the world.




FOCUS! This Person
Introducing people doing their best and unique people and so on in fields relating to the topics.
POST! -MY CASE- Lab Ver.
Each researcher and the people around them talk about various themes around them related to the topics.
POST! -MY CASE- World Ver.
People around the world that are studying Japanese have sent in information about various themes.
TRY! Japanese Culture
You can try Japanese culture that is related to the topics.


By deepening your understanding of various specific situations using picture slideshows, you can practice to in order achieve the "Can-do" related to Speaking and Interactions.




In various situations, you can check how the sentence patterns are used and also practice reviewing them. Also, every sentence pattern has an explanation to go along with it, so you can review what you learned in the classroom or if you forget what the grammar point was, you can confirm it.




The words that appear in each topic are split into categories and you can take quizzes based on the category. The types of quizzes are reading the word and selecting the illustration and listening to the word and selecting the illustration.




You can check the meaning, pronunciation, and how to write the kanji learned in every topic via audio and illustration videos. When remembering the kanji, there are illustrations that work as hints. Also, you can do kanji drills as well.




Watch the videos starring the characters that appear in the "Challenge Dramas" and answer questions. You can listen to a short dialog.




MARUGOTO Plus Series


Starter (A1) Site (English, Spanish, Japanese)

Elementary 1 (A2) Site (English, Japanese)

“MARUGOTO-NO-KOTOBA” (MARUGOTO Words) (English, Spanish)


“MARUGOTO-NO-KOTOBA” is a site that collects the vocabulary and phrases used in Marugoto Starter (A1) and Elementary 1 (A2).