The MARUGOTO+ (MARUGOTO Plus) Elementary 2 (A2) website is now open!

The MARUGOTO+ (MARUGOTO Plus) series of websites allows you to learn Japanese language and culture in line with the contents of the Japanese language coursebook, Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture, which is based on the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education. The new Elementary 2 (A2) site has joined the two websites available to date, Starter (A1) and Elementary 1 (A2).

With four types of content: Conversation, Grammar, Kanji, and Life and Culture, you enjoy practicing through videos and quizzes , and you can learn the contents of Marugoto in more detail. The site has Japanese and English versions, and is designed to be responsive to smartphones as well.


This time, the vocabulary words and expressions for Elementary 2 (A2) have also been added to the MARUGOTO-NO-KOTOBA, a website containing the vocabulary and expressions used in Marugoto. It's now easier to use with new features added.

We hope you try and make use of MARUGOTO+ Elementary 2 (A2) and MARUGOTO-NO-KOTOBA.

For more information,see here.

MARUGOTO Plus Series

・Starter(A1)Site (English, Spanish, Japanese)

・Elementary1(A2)Site (English, Japanese)

・Elementary2(A2)Site (English, Japanese)

・"MARUGOTO-NO-KOTOBA(MARUGOTO Words) (English, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai)

(*Elementary 2 examples sentences are in English only)