'JF Japanese e-Learning Minato', Winner of the 'eIJ Global Award' at the 15th Japan e-Learning Awards!

'JF Japanese e-Learning Minato' (https://minato-jf.jp/ hereinafter 'Minato') - the Japanese language learning platform developed and operated by The Japan Foundation - was announced the winner of the 'eIJ Global Award' at the 15th Japan e-Learning Awards held by the e-Learning Initiative Japan Association on November 15th, 2018. The Japan e-Learning Awards are held to recognize excellence in utilizing e-learning content, service, and solutions.


'Minato' is unique in the world for its specialized Japanese language e-learning platform. This platform not only allows users to study Japanese with a variety of online courses and levels, but also has an online community functionality that enables interaction with fellow learners all over the globe (for further details see here ).

'Minato' has over 50,000 registered users as of early November, 2018, from 180 different countries/regions. This number greatly exceeds the 137 countries/regions confirmed in the Survey on Japanese-Language Education Abroad (Japan Foundation 2015), and even includes countries with unstable political situations such as Iraq and Syria, and remote locations where commuting to a school is extremely difficult or places located far from urban areas. When this is combined with the fact that among these users, those who are learning Japanese for the first time by using 'Minato' comprise approximately 60% of the total users, then it can be said that we have successfully achieved the goal of providing a learning opportunity for those who had no chance to avail themselves of conventional face-to-face/school type learning.

We believe that the reason 'Minato' received the 'eIJ Global Award' on this occasion was a recognition of its role in providing an opportunity to large numbers of people who heretofore were unable to study Japanese due to a variety of restrictions, thereby contributing to producing a greater number of Japanese speaking personnel and an increasing population of people who can now be considered as 'friends of Japan' worldwide. Going forward, we look forward to continuing to provide a place for Japan and the rest of the world to connect via 'Minato'.

● 'JF Japanese e-Learning Minato':http://minato-jf.jp/