The website 'Japanese in Anime & Manga' has been updated!

'Japanese in Anime & Manga' is a web site where you can learn variations of Japanese language via anime & manga characters and genres, including Japanese that is not listed in dictionaries or textbooks. Now the 'Japanese in Anime & Manga' web site has been updated to also allow access and use via smartphones and tablets.

With 'Japanese in Anime & Manga' you're able to learn 'Character Expressions' and 'Genre Expressions'.

With the 'Character Expressions' you can learn the characteristic expressions (single phrase, grammar, alias and pronunciation) of the 8 types of characters that often appear in anime & manga (boy, girl, scrapper, samurai, old man, butler, lady and Osakan).

And, with the 'Genre Expressions' you can learn the characteristic expressions, words and kanji of 4 genres popular in overseas countries (school, love, samurai and ninja).

There are 6 languages of explanation available - English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, French, and Japanese.
The Japanese character styles used are 'Kanji mixed with Kana', Kana-only (hiragana and katakana), and Romaji. You can switch back and forth between these allowing users to pursue their study using whichever language of explanation/character set is easiest for them to understand.
Please be sure to try out the now even easier to use 'Japanese in Anime & Manga' web site.