IRODORI Japanese Online Course : The new Elementary 2 (A2) course was opened to follow Elementary 1 (A2)!

We have launched IRODORI Japanese Online Course, Elementary 2 (A2). This is a free course for learning the Japanese language needed for daily life in Japan, using videos as well as plenty of illustrations, audio and other content.別サイトへ移動します

The Irodori Japanese Online Course is the online course version of the textbook produced by JF, Irodori: Japanese for Life in Japan (別サイトへ移動します)to help acquire the Japanese language communication skills needed for daily life in Japan through self-study. It is mainly targeted at foreign nationals living overseas who aim to live and work in Japan in the future, although anyone can register and take free lessons regardless of where they live. Since the course can be viewed on smartphones, computers, and tablets, even those who have time constraints due to work or other causes can study Japanese anytime, anywhere, using their spare time.

The Irodori Japanese Online Course is broadly composed of Study contents that enable learners to study in line with Can-do goals and Practice contents that allow them to practice on areas where they think they are not good at or feel unsure of. Learners are also provided with Support contents to support their self-study and a My Page to allow them to check the progress of their studies. This will allow them to learn all the Japanese that will be needed in various life situations in Japan while deepening their understanding at their own pace. With Study contents, you can comprehend the situation through videos and practice conversations with characters in the videos.