Nihongo "Doki-Doki" Taiken Koryu Katsudo-shu: Japanese through Real Activities


Japanese through Real Activities

Japanese through Real Activities
B5 size 178 pages (with one CD)
Price: 2,400yen (textbook and CD) + tax
ISBN: 978-4-89358-685-8
*This book (paperback version) has been out of print since December 2019.
You will be able to download the PDF version on "KC CLIP"External link in the spring of 2020.

This is a material to learn Japanese through experiences by utilizing various resources outside the classroom.
With conversation examples and worksheets, this book introduces the activity flow: (1) preparation in the classroom; (2) activity outside the classroom; and (3) summarization of the activity in the classroom.
Following contents are also included: "Nippon Guide" (in print and in PowerPoint file) to introduce the basic knowledge of Japanese society that is required for learning activities; ideas on how to evaluate and examples of course designs to create learning courses focusing on real activities. This book is full of useful ideas to acquire the ability to take action in the Japanese environment.

Structure & Contents

1.Real Activities2.Course Design3.Nippon Guide
(1)Town Orienteering
(2)Neighborhood Orienteering
(3)Makeing Town Information Booklet
(4)Social Gathering
(5)Home Stay
(6)Field Trip
(8)Elementary School Visit
(9)High School Visit
(10)Factory Study Trip
(1)Beginning the Course
- Icebreakers
- Interview & Study Counseling
- Goal Setting
- Keeping Weekly Journal
(2)Concluding the Course
- Self-evalution
- Making a Future Study Plan
- Study counseling at the end of the course
- Course Evaluation
(3)Curriculum Design Example
(2 weeks/6 weeks/2 months)
(1)Geography of Japan
(2)History of Japan
(3)Dialect(Kansai Dialect)
(4)Current expressions of younger generation
(5)Home Stay
(6)Education in Japan
(7)Anime & Manga
(8)Traditional Performing Arts of Japan
(9)Tea Ceremony
(10)Flower Arrangement
(12)Kimono Dressing