Hirogaru, get more of Japan and Japanese

Hirogaru, get more of Japan and Japanese

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Hirogaru is an e-Learning site where you can enjoy studying Japanese while getting information on various topics. It is aimed for Japanese language learners with a proficiency level of A1 or A2 in the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education. There are 12 topics covered: Stars and the Night Sky, Outdoors, Martial Arts, Cafés and Tea, Sweets, Supermarkets and Markets, Calligraphy, Anime and Manga, Books and Libraries, Temples and Shrines, Music, and Aquariums, as these topics generated a lot of interest on a survey of more than 5,000 Japanese language learners all over the world.
Explanations are provided in two languages, Japanese and English, and the site contents will be frequently updated. The site is also designed to be responsive to smartphones.

Main Contents

Topic top videos

Topic top videos Picture

This contains video content where you can watch videos of people and places related to the topic. You can choose to turn the subtitle on or off, or share what you think is interesting with other site users.


Articles Picture

You can read various articles and view videos matching the topic.
The Japanese used in the articles are basically composed of the grammar and vocabulary from Starter up to Elementary 2 levels of the Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture.
Quizzes are also included to check your comprehension of the article.



This contains video content where you can watch regular Japanese people talking about their involvement with the topic concerned. In the videos, you can hear the various ways people think about the topic since they include talks that speak negatively as well as talks that "like" the topic.
You can also check what is being said in the video through the subtitle characters.


KANJI Picture

This contains content for increasing your knowledge of kanji and kanji vocabulary by looking at pictures of kanjis that you see in the world of the topic.
You can also practice typing the concerned kanjis.


Comments Picture

This contains content where you can connect with people around the world by writing comments and reading comments written by other people regarding three questions given for each topic: "the topic in relation to you", "the topic in relation to one's country or region", and "the topic in relation to Japan."
The comments are assumed to be written in Japanese. You can also refer to model sentences of answers to the questions.


SHOKU Picture

This provides content for 8 topics only: Outdoors, Martial Arts, Cafés and Tea, Sweets, Supermarkets and Markets, Anime and Manga, Temples and Shrines, and Aquariums. It is a photo collection of food that match a theme, such as "Food eaten outside" for the Outdoors topic and "Food sampled from various places" for the Supermarkets and Market topic. You can enjoy the photos together with comments and recollections regarding the food that are written briefly in Japanese.

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