The Lee Su Hyon Youth Exchange Program

In this program, Korean high school students who are studying Japanese in Korea or those with an interest in Japanese society and culture are invited to Japan. Participants obtain a deeper understanding of Japanese language, society, and culture. The program also provides Korean students with the opportunity to interact with young Japanese students of the same generation. The program was established to honor the actions of Lee Su Hyon, a Korean exchange student who died in 2001 as he attempted to save the life of a passenger who had fallen onto the tracks at JR Shin-Okubo Station in Tokyo.

Program Period

12days (2013 Academic Year : January)

Eligible Participants

Groups of high school students from Korea studying the Japanese language/2013 Academic Year: 30 participants

*Based on recommendations by each school principal, Participants for this program are selected by the Japan Foundation (Seoul Institute), the Korean Japanese Association, the Korea University Japanese-Language Institute, the Korea-Japan Cultural Exchange Organization, and the Consulate-General of Japan in Jeju.

Program Content

The following training programs are held in order to deepen understanding of Japanese language, society, and culture, as well as to provide interaction with young Japanese students of the same generation.

  1. Japanese Language Class
    Language used by younger people, circumstances of Japanese high school students, geographic/tourist guides, Japanese used in animation/manga, preparation for exchange events, preparation for presentations, etc.
  2. Training Trip/Exchange Program
    Visits to Japanese high schools, exchange events with Japanese high school students, trips to Tokyo/Kyoto/Hiroshima, homestays, etc.
  3. Cultural Experience Program
    Aikido training, making Japanese sweets, etc.

Message from Participants

2011 Academic Year